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Four Key Factors for Brewing the Best Coffee at Home

And Why Should You Go For It

Start Your Morning off Right!
Are you a coffee perfectionist who can't stand a tasteless cup of coffee? Then you're at the right place! However, you might wonder what factors are impacting your homemade coffee, and why it isn't tasting as great as your favorite drink from a local shop.

The answer is simple - you may be missing a few key details that make a big difference in your coffee’s flavor! Making coffee is a form of art. Follow along below to learn about four key factors for brewing the best tasting homemade coffee!

Four Key Factors for Best Coffee Beans

1. Storing Beans Properly

The coffee beans should be stored properly if you want to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every day. You can either store the beans in a vacuum-sealed container or a Mason jar to ensure it doesn’t dry out.

2. Grinding Times Can Affect Freshness

Grinding is an important step that determines the freshness of your coffee. It shouldn't be too coarse or too fine, but just the right consistency. Different types of coffee require different grinding times, for example espresso should be ground very fine. Be sure to check your specific packaging to ensure you’re grinding the beans properly.

3. Measuring Coffee the Right Way

The strength of your coffee is determined by the ratio of coffee and water that you decide to use. There are ratios for different types of coffee, including cold brew, black coffee, etc. Use a scale or measuring containers to measure your water and coffee accurately.

4. Brewing at the Correct Temperature

If you want to taste your coffee to the fullest, the temperature of the water used for brewing must be optimal, preferably between 195 to 205 °F. Your coffee will brew more slowly if the water is cool, and if it’s too hot, it'll get more bitter than usual.

To Sum It Up

Follow all four key factors if you want to make yourself a delicious cup of coffee. Keep in mind that the correct procedure requires the right ingredients as well. At LoveUCoffee, you can order from a large variety of coffee beans and coffee pods, just how you like it!

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